Steganography – How to Hide Codes in Pictures


Code Crackers, can You Find the Hidden Message?

The picture above looks like a normal picture of Albert Einstein – one of the world’s greatest ever mathematicians. However, it’s concealing a rather surprising secret. Within the picture is a hidden message. This technique of hiding messages in plain sight is called Steganography. This is a very powerful tool for code makers – after all no-one is going to be able to break your code if they don’t even realise they are looking at it.

To crack this particular code we can use a piece of online software here – all we need to do is save the file, upload it and then run it through the decoder. Having done that we get the string text:


This looks promising – but obviously there’s another code to break. Using some trial and error, along with some frequency analysis I find that this is a Caesar Shift with A-D which gives:


in other words:

www . ibmathsresources. com / cracked

It is possible to both encode and decode your own secret messages using the decoding tools and the encoding tools on the Utility Mill site. Using the same method as above, try to find the hidden message in the picture below.


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