Code Breaking Resources

Top Resources

1) The Boxentriq site has a large number of code generators for Caesar shifts, transposition ciphers, pigpen, Vignere codes and more.  This is a great resource for generating and understanding a large number of codes. One of the best resources online.

2) CIMT Code resources – a fantastic resource for teachers with a large number of ready made worksheets and teacher notes on lots of different codes.

3) Khan Academy code breaking videos– a large number of short videos looking at both codes through history and more modern code methods.

4) Simon Singh’s Black Chamber is another excellent resource for code breaking methods – use computation methods to crack a host of codes.  You can also conduct frequency analysis here.  Simon Singh’s The Code Book is also an excellent read.

Other Resources:

1) Additional resources for creating Vignere codes

2) Additional resources for creating Semaphore codes

3) Morse Code generator

4) Nrich has a nice article about the history of codes and mathematics

5) Reverse text, flip text, flip wording and more here.

6) Learn how to use the One Time Pad – a favourite coding method of spies in the Second World War.