Code Breaking Resources

Top Resources

1) The Counton website has a large number of code generators for Caesar shifts, transposition ciphers, pigpen and Vignere codes

2) Crypto Corner is a fantastic resource for generating and understanding a large number of codes. One of the best resources online along with Counton.

3) Cipher Tools is an incredibly useful site which generates a huge number of different types of codes online.

4) Practical Cryptography is a great resource for a more advanced understanding of code making and breaking.

5) CIMT Code resources – a fantastic resource with a large number of ready made worksheets and teacher notes on lots of different codes.

6) Secret Codebreaker also has  a lot of information about different codes

7) Khan Academy code breaking videos– a large number of short videos looking at both codes through history and more modern code methods.

8) Simon Singh’s Black Chamber is another excellent resource for code breaking methods – use computation methods to crack a host of codes. Simon Singh’s book on codebreaking is one of the best out there.

9) The Suffolk Maths pages on codebreaking link to some great resources for teachers for running code breaking classroom activities.

Other Resources:

1) The website has more binary string codes

2) Additional resources for creating Vignere codes

3) Additional resources for creating Semaphore codes

4) Additional resources for mirror writing codes

5) Morse Code generator

6) Nrich has a nice article about the history of codes and mathematics

7) Reverse text, flip text, flip wording and more here.

8) Quip Quip allows you to break substitution ciphers using frequency analysis.

9) Learn how to use the One Time Pad – a favourite coding method of spies in the Second World War.

10) Tools to use Steganography – you can hide codes inside pictures using the decode and encodetools. Read more about this subject here.