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Welcome to the Fobisia Code Breaking Maths Challenge 2022 Level 3

In this level you have to solve a murder mystery.  Solve the mystery and you can submit your details to record your achievement.  How fast can you solve it? Good luck!

A murder in the maths department

A murder has been committed in the Mathematics department!  A body has been discovered surrounded by mathematical objects and only the hardworking Mathematics teachers were in school (doing long division sums for fun) at the weekend.  So one of them must be the murderer!

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find:

a) The murderer

b) The room

c) The murder weapon

d) The motive

Possible murder suspects

(1) Cal Culus – who was wearing jeans and a white shirt.  Cal has a pi tattoo on his left ankle.

(2) Perry Metre – who was wearing shorts and a yellow t-shirt.  Perry has long blonde hair.

(3) Polly Nomial – who was wearing black trousers and a red blouse.  Polly has a tattoo of Albert Einstein on her shoulder.

(4) Matt Amatics – who was wearing jeans and a green t-shirt.  Matt has a tattoo of a Carl Gauss on his arm.

(5) Rose Curve – who was wearing a black dress.  Rose has the symbol e tattooed on her ankle.

Possible rooms:

(1) The Staff Room

2) Mathematics Room number 10

3) Mathematics Room number 11

4) English Room number 13

5) English Room number 14

6) English Room number 15

Possible murder weapon

(1) A wooden metre ruler

2) A large metal stapler

(3) A dusty trundle wheel

(4) A wooden set-square

(5) A large maths textbook

Possible motives

(1) Jealousy

(2) Revenge

(3) Self-defence

When you have completed each code you must enter the last word of each clue into the password box.  (You may need to refresh the page after entering).

When you have solved all clues you will need to enter your final result.  This will be a 4 digit number – formed by the answer to each of the questions above.

Click here for the first clue