Code Challenge Level 3

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Murder in the Maths Department!

(This is not part of the FOBISIA code breaking competition).

A murder has been committed in the maths department! A body has been discovered surrounded by mathematical objects and only the hardworking maths teachers were in school, doing long division sums for fun at the weekend. One of them must be the murderer. (Scroll down to see a list of students who have completed the task)

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find:

1) The murderer
2) The room
3) The murder weapon

The murder suspects are:

1) Al Jabra – he was wearing a white, T-shirt with 2 stripes and ripped jeans on the day of the murder.
2) Polly Gon – she was wearing a knee-length green skirt, white blouse and gold watch.
3) Lisa Perbound- she was wearing a blue Adidas T-shirt with 3 stripes on the sleeves, Bermuda shorts and a baseball cap.
4) May Trix – she was wearing a black and white t-shirt with an odd number on it, trousers and shiny black shoes.
5) Ella Ment- she was wearing a blue knitted jumper with a picture of pi on the front, and brown cords.

The possible rooms are:

1) The Canteen
2) The Tuck-shop
3) Room 16
4) Room 25
5) Room 17
6) Room 1

The possible murder weapons are:

1) A wooden metre ruler
2) A large wooden cube
3) A dusty trundle wheel
4) A sharp compass
5) A large maths textbook
6) An oversized calculator

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When you have solved this clue click here and enter the last word only of the decoded message (no capital letters).

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